February 16, 2010 at 8:40 am (Poems)

“My child,
I have prepared a place
for you to go,
and there you will preach My Word:
Power I will give you,
Your needs I will provide,
I shall be with you
even unto the ends of the world.”

Holy One,
before You I bow,
do forgive and cleanse Your vessel;
Make me holy to do Your will,
let only pure thoughts
& feelings in me dwell.

Sovereign King,
to You I plead,
never let me leave Your side,
Take my will
and command my heart
To ever with Your decrees abide.

Almighty God,
of You I beg
for daily strength,
Because without You
I can do nothing,
in all of life’s battles
too easily i would faint.

Loving Father,
hear my cry,
comfort me
when my soul is downcast;
Keep me resting upon Your will,
teach me Your heart to trust.

Gracious Lord,
I ask of You
all that for me
You deem best;
Through Your grace
will I glorify You
whether I be in bliss
or amid a test.

Send me
whom You have called:
I now surrender
for You own and love me!
Take my life
and my all-
I am ready and joyful
to go and suffer
for Your glory!

– yachiyd
July 28, 2008


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