February 16, 2010 at 8:33 am (Poems)

Would you smile at me
If our eyes did meet?
Would you look my way
If you saw me in a street?

Would you utter my name
If someone asked ’bout me?
Would you give me time
If you’re too busy or just free?

Would you reach for my hand
If you saw me falling?
Would your tears flow too
If you heard that I was crying?

Would you tell silly jokes
If I needed some cheer?
Would you come running
If I wanted you to be here?

Would you call and trust me
If you had to bare things?
Would your cheeks turn red
If I told you ’bout my feelings?

Would you let me love you
If you knew you’re my love?
Would you give your heart
If it’s just all I want to have?

I know all the answers
To all these dumb questions,
I would be a fool
Not to grasp and take your actions..

I know I don’t deserve
A man as fine as you,
I’m not a part of
All the things you say and do.

Senseless to let you know
That you’ve conquered my heart,
But though I’m hurting,
To leave off this love is not right.

So just in my silence,
Where no one can observe,
I am loving you–
You, the man I do not deserve.

nov. 2008


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